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Pic: http://userpic.livejournal.com/16604230/3614275
(really shitty pic but hey whatever)

Name: Sara
Vitals: 14 I'm very young and that's why alot of people don't take me seriouse but I'm not some wannabe cunt

Fav Bands:The clash, Ramones(by far the most influence in music for me), Sex pistols, Minor Threat, The Damned, Buzzcocks, Weo, The Random House, Anti Flag, Misfits, Casualties, Distillers,Nirvana ,Transplats, UK Subs,Dead Kennedys, The Vibraters, Big boys, M.I.A, Eaters, and so on plus all our local bands...much props to them as well

Political Stance: I'm no anarchist. I'm not against it and I'm not with it...

Why you're proud to be a punk? I've grown up an outcast and I've never really had any friends. Pretty much my life is buy music, make music, go to the shows, get beat up AT the shows, and go home the happyest girl in Waco city every night, and nothing in the world can take it God damnit. I just know I've got the music. I was born into good music and I'll die threw great music
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