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For definitions for socialism and capitalism

"In a sane society, the elimination of all (the) absurd jobs (not only those that produce or market ridiculous and unnecessary commodities, but the far larger number directly or indirectly involved in promoting and protecting the whole capitalist system) would reduce necessary tasks to such a trivial level that they could easily be taken care of voluntarily and cooperatively, eliminating the need for the whole apparatus of economic incentives and state enforcement...."
- to read more about how the socialist job setup could work:

to read about the "absurd" jobs:

"Indeed, the trade cycle demonstrates the impotence of reformers and politicians, and is a further indictment of the capitalist system as a whole, bringing misery for millions of workers who lose their jobs, become bankrupt or have their wages reduced and have their working conditions worsened. And far from being an aberration, this cycle of misery is the natural cycle of capitalism. "
- to read more about the cycle that causes economic slumps- read "A Step by Step Guide" at bottom of this page:

to read about problems with reform referring to the environment and poverty:

I don't necessarily believe all the facts presented in this site are 100%- but there are many good points presented; if you're really interested you should look into other sources as well as this one.
Do you think we need to, or are able to change society?
It seems unlikely, but then again, we have made amazing strides through history with reforms in equality and acceptance...
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